Smarter than the average MSI (or: Running HDP-1.1.0-GA on Windows 2008 Server)

This is so great.

  1. Like to try out HDInsight Server Preview?
  2. Already got access to some “quite modern” Windows 2008 Server  with most of the SDK-, .NET- and JDK-orgy set up?
  3. Unless … this wonderful piece of hardware just resides in the intranet and the web-installer is not an option.
  4. Ummpf. So, the M$-infrastructure partner also provides its own Hadoop Data Platform for Windows distribution.
  5. You also successfully managed to install the rest of the prerequisites (please don’t let the admins reveil that, especially the remote powershell part) and configuration issues.
  6. And all this %§$”%- MSI responds is “Visual Studio C++ Redistributable (x64) Package not installed” while it is indeed.

This is soo great. See, you are not alone.

I simply can’t believe that a distribution of a managed code framework depends on a particular minor version of the underlying operating systems.

I simply can’t believe that a disfunctioning MSI is a dead end of a once promising long road.

Rightly believed. Here is the fundamental trick how to tweak such a package using the ORCA Tool shipped with the Windows SDK.

Looking into the LaunchCondition Section and see the too malicious tests on the Visual C++ redistributable and the operating system version.


Delete the vc_redist dependency and adapt the operating system version accordingly.


And be sure that your JAVA_HOME (the environment path, not the shell variable, as the installer spawns a new environment during its run) does neither contain spaces (like “Program Files”) nor double quotes – a lesson that can be learned when inspecting closely the resulting installer logs.

Installation completed successfully.

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