Trading ORA-30926 for ORA-08006

Trading ORA-30926 for ORA-08006

This one has bitten me this morning when violating against golden rule #3 (‘Never change two not completely predictable things at a common target simultaneously at least unless you are in hazardous mood.’ An even more popular exemplification of that rule would be the slogan ‘Don’t drink & drive.’).

So I changed

  • the semantics of one source table of a merge statement (extract individual phrases out of a text field into multiple rows)
  • the partitioning of the target table (including the enablement row movement)

The result of the former change alone should have produced an ORA-30926 (‘unable to get a stable set of rows’) when some … hmm, say humanoid at least … managed to restate the same phrase over and over again in the source system.

In conjunction with row movement, however, the merge statement will instead issue an ORA-08006 (‘Someone deleted that row. It wasn’t me.’) which leaves one puzzled until one manages to find Todor Botevs helpful investigation.




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